Our Story


In 2019 my daughter (and best friend) Jos and I talked about her starting a cake making business. She had the skill (but not the confidence), I had the time so…BOOM!...We set up a market stall in Framlingham (Suffolk – you know the village where Ed Sheeran was born and brought up). My first day was a bit daunting as it rained non stop all day but amazingly people were so supportive and bought our cakes. Our aim was to hand out cards so people could contact us with orders for cake occasions. 

Then in 2020 Covid-19 came to visit. I was unable to continue at Framlingham as the space was too small for social distancing. While we couldn’t go out to sell, we did drive thru Saturday “markets'' where neighbours, friends and family placed orders via text/WhatsApp and we simply passed their orders for doughnuts, milkshakes, homemade ice cream, brownie and cakes through the car windows as they drove past. It kept us busy and provided some fun in those scary months!

Thankfully I was accepted at Hadleigh market which runs every Friday and were allowed to continue through later lockdowns as they were food.  Well fudge is food isn’t it!!  

We can’t remember where the idea came from to sell fudge instead of cakes but somehow we came up with it and here we are!

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  Jos lives in Scotland now having got married in Dec 2020 and is looking out for markets near Aberdeen where she can continue selling fudge! In the meantime she is honing her cake making business.

That Christmassy time of year...

Market at Helmingham Hall Suffolk – Winter Lights Festival Christmas 2021.

To market, to market...

Trinity Park, Ipswich, Suffolk - we regularly exhibit at this market, several times throughout the year. Be sure to look out for us!

The sweetest treat...

Indoor makers market in Leiston Suffolk 2022.